Membership Rules of FACD-CAB

Primary membership will be provided to firms operating at least for two years and established before 2009 (based on documented proofs). FACD-CAB will inspect the firm and will issue primary membership upon fulfilling other requirements. FACD-CAB will scrutinize the primary member’s activities for the first 1 or 2 year(s) before issuing a full membership. Please note that at least one member of the primary firm has to attend the 3-month Student Recruiting Agent Training Program.


  1. Applicant should apply by filling up the FACD-CAB member application form and depositing a fee of Tk. 5,000 (non-refundable) as inspection fee.
  2. The firm must have a well-decorated office space of no less than 500 sq ft. (Proper documentation has to be demonstrated for both own/rented space). All modes of modern communication, e.g. internet, phone, land phone must be installed. There should be a toilet for the visitors. The firm must have an organizational website.
  3. The director of the firm has to be to highly educated. Director and one of the executives must be graduates and have at least 2 year’s experience of working in an approved firm or have the training from FACD-CAB.
  4. There has to be at least 4 employees in a firm and all of them should be qualified.
  5. The firm has to submit copies of the representation certificates of the institutes it is representing from abroad. The firm’s agency has to be certified by the institute or by notification in the abroad institute’s website.
  6. The firm has to submit a full list of their charges and respective purposes for what these charges are being made.
  7. The firm has to abide by the advertising rules set by FACD-CAB strictly.
  8. The firm has to sign an agreement of certain regulations, e.g. charging after visa service fee and pre-visa processing fee scheduled by FACD-CAB/Ministry, not providing any visa guarantee to students, not taking any tuition fee/other fee in cash.

After a firm submits documents fulfilling the above conditions along with the non-refundable inspection fee, a designated representative of FACD-CAB will inspect and examine the infrastructural and other facilities of the applying firm within 2/3 weeks and will submit a report to FACD-CAB. FACD-CAB will then scrutinize the report and issue primary membership upon observing the inspection report and the documents provided (Preliminary membership fee is Tk. 50,000/-). Any firm that seems susceptible in regards of national sovereignty will be deemed unacceptable.

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