About Us

FACD-CAB (Foreign Admission & Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh) was established in 2005 in a view to bring all firms offering foreign admissions and career development services in Bangladesh under one umbrella. In addition to that, the organization’s aim was to establish a proper guideline for the firms’ operations which would make both the clients and the businesses feel at ease regarding this specific kind of service.
Students of Bangladesh have been migrating to different countries of the world for the purposes of study and career development for a long time. Though the process can be done individually, like all other services, this one attracted a number of people to get into the middle of the recruitment process and serve both parties (the recruiter and the student) to earn some money. As a result, numerous firms grew up in the course of time to work as agents or student recruitment representatives of different institutions from all over the world. The acts of these firms were not always very legal and ethical and students and guardians were often cheated on various issues regarding student admission and visa services. There were also instances of these firms getting cheated by the students/guardians. All these malpractices happened just because there was no governing body whatsoever to regularize and scrutinize the operations of the firms of this kind.
FACD-CAB, by its very nature, took an attempt to set fixed guidelines for all these firms. FACD-CAB looks forward to scrutinizing both infrastructural and operational facilities of a certain firm before giving it membership. The organization’s aim was to facilitate genuine students’ admission and visa procedures and to totally stop the firms’ making false commitments and charging huge money unnecessarily. The ultimate goal of the organization is to promote foreign education both foreign and abroad in such a way that the reputation of the industry stays high.
FACD-CAB’s Responsibilities
  1. Issue membership after proper inspection and reviewing
  2. Keep strong eye on the members so that they cannot go beyond their trade criteria and anything illegal or unethical.
  3. To provide training to FACD-CAB members.
  4. To inform students/guardians regarding current trends through national media.
  5. To inspect the firms without prior notice to ensure proper operations of the firms.
  6. To ensure proper legal steps against primary/full members those involve themselves with fraudulent activities. FACD-CAB will also be responsible for carrying out an investigation itself and ensure postpone/dismiss membership of convict firms. FACD-CAB will also be responsible for making any such activity public through circulations in national media.
  7. To take contingent steps to protect members from fraudulent activites from the students/guardians.